About The Waffle Works

“Insist on freshly baked”

The Waffle Works is a Norfolk based family run business covering East Anglia. The company was started on an original and unique concept by its founder Andrew.

We specialise in everything Waffles 😉 We can cater for your event, any size and with 10 Irons and 4 different style Plates, our Waffles including “Waffles on a Stick” or “BubbleRap” waffles will always bring a unique and fun element to your party, wedding, or public event.

Quality and peace of mind is essetional to us, so we are fully insured and have proudly held a 5 star Rating with our local Environmental Health Department since 2012! The Waffle Works are a founder members of Feast on The Street, an East Anglian Street food collective.